See my name and look this way

Sitting on the outside, let them play

Pull me, squeeze me, I’m put on display


Just let me wanna be, who I seek to be

Fill your head with desires

Think everything you wanna do to me

After all we just display

What everybody expects


Follow my brand, take a look at price tag

Waiting to be purchased, I’m put on display

Maybe I’m misplaced, and on crusade


Thinking you can shape me as you wish

Fill your head with all horrors

Think of a way you can escape from me

After all we all display

What we fear the most, just let them complain


I know your eyes are on the prize

Now a sudden shock

I’m out of my cage

Broke out of your so-called display

I’ll be who I wanna be from now

Planning to play fetch with your souls

Twist your mind and forget what you want

Join me 

Let’s break out

After all we just display

What we run from, the inside

Let me out 


DISPLAY tells the story of our generation, worn down by the weighty expectations placed upon us. We all embrace a certain outlook towards life & the roles that accompany it, which we assume that belongs to our own. In time, we realize that we are not the ones that nurtured it, but the society alone: the outcome of pure peer pressure. 

DISPLAY as a story is told through the eyes of a doll, put on display, presumably at a toy store. “Follow my brand, take a look at price tag / waiting to be purchased, I’m put on display”. Meanwhile throughout the song, we hear an inner voice that lures us into tearing down the display, preaching us about the value of being ourselves, hence setting ourselves free. In the end, the inner voice breaks out of her “cage”, declares victory, and calls everyone out to join her, and overcome their fears: almost in a manner such as toying with its captivators, the society. 

Growing up I’ve always felt this kind of pressure to blend in with the others, to follow a path that conforms to the ideals of my peers and elders, while feeling a strong need to assert myself in my own unique manner. DISPLAY is the product of such controversy.

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Release Date : 11 August 2023
Artist : Ms. Kaplan
Format : Digital Download

Produced by Ms. Kaplan
Mixed by Uğurcan Moroğlu at Yeditepe University’s Studios
Mastered by Can Gelgeç
Music by Berrak Özçelik, Koray Felek
Lyrics by Berrak Özçelik
Cover Artwork & Photo by Koray Felek
Special thanks to Serdar Felek, Uğurcan Moroğlu, Can Gelgeç